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Welcome to Super Multi Notes! (33 in 1 no repeats)

This is designed to be a supplement for my blog Super Multi, where I (taizou) can document interesting things I find that I may not have the time or inclination to do in-depth blog posts about (which I rarely do, to be honest). Much like the blog, its focus is intended to be unusual, unknown and undocumented video games and consoles from China and Taiwan - all-in-one handheld consoles, plug & plays, multicarts, unlicensed games, stuff like that.

It's set up as a wiki, but only I can edit anything - the wiki format was really just chosen as a convenient way for me to quickly gather my own notes and pictures and whatnot and share them with the world. (If you're after a proper user-editable wiki on related subjects, give BootlegGames Wiki a try.) However, anyone is welcome to leave a comment or edit talk pages, which you can either do anonymously or by creating an account. If you do create an account, you can also set up a watchlist and access most of the other usual MediaWiki features and options.

All original content here is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, so you can reuse it elsewhere as long as you credit the source - see Project:Copyrights for more details.