A Polish company, distributes various electronics but game consoles have always been a core part of its lineup. Sold mostly in Poland and some other European countries.

Most of their consoles are straight rebrands of Chinese companies' offerings but often have unique colour schemes not seen elsewhere.


Android game tablets



  • OV-MASTERPLAYER - 200 games, rebranded PDC (Pocket Dream Console) by Conny
  • OV-TOUCHPLAYER - 132 games, 111 classic + 21 touch. Rebranded MiTouch BS-127 by Macro Winners
  • OV-BASICPLAYER - 200 games, looks like Jungletac, probably 8-bit?
  • OV-BASICPLAYER2 - 204 games, seems to be a rebranded Taikee product w/ Cube Technology VT games
  • OV-3WINNER - 110 16-bit games, maybe some Jungletac SPG thing?
  • OV-BLUEPLAYER - 101 games, maybe something by Qi Sheng Long with Nanjing(?) VT168 games
  • OV-BOYPLAYER - as above but w/ gender stereotyping
  • OV-GIRLPLAYER - same
  • OV-TOPPLAYER - 180 16-bit games, origins unknown but may be a Synergy Technologies thing
  • OV-POCKETPLAYER - 180 16-bit games, looks like Synergy Technologies Oplayer MGS2703
  • OV-PLAYER - 120 games, some VT(168?)-based Jungletac Classic Max Pocket
  • OV-MAXIPLAYER2 - 150 16-bit games, looks like Synergy Technologies Oplayer MGS2702B
  • OV-GAMER - 111 16-bit games, rebranded (something) by Macro Winners
  • OV-GAMER2 - 111 16-bit games, rebranded V-pod BS-128 by Macro Winners
  • OV-MGS - 180 16-bit games, probably another Synergy one

Home consoles

  • OV-MOVEBOX - Kinect clone, 60 games. Looks like the same thing sold as Wireless Air60 elsewhere
  • OV-MULTIACTIVE - 32-bit, based on iSports Pro by Subor, 100 games with SD slot to add more
  • OV-V-MOTION - Kinect clone, 47 motion games + 23 controller based. Maybe Subor?
  • OV-85IN1 - 85 in 1 "32-bit resolution", some Macro Winners MiWi console
  • OV-DP-04 - a dance mat, "includes 15 dance remixes of the Fasolki band, Polish language version of the game"



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